Rare Dansplaat Mashup

Mashed Brainpower ‘Dansplaat’ with Kinderen voor Kinderen ‘Raar maar Waar’. Giving it the groovy vibe the rap deserves. All rights to the rightful owners of the used materials (not me):

Human Tearz - The Killers vs Sergey Ivanov

Mashup The Killers with Sergey Ivanov. The awesome track ‘Tears in the Rain’ just fitted perfectly with ‘Human’, also added a few Timbaland samples to make it complete (Are you that somebody) enjoy

Jose Franco mashup - Overload

Mashup for the Remix and Mashup Contest by Jose Franco for his awesome track OVERLOAD. I decided to make a completely different version by clashing the genres and mashing it with the Arctic Monkeys powerful track ‘If you were there, beware’.

Suit & Blob - Justin Timberlake vs John Guscott

Check out this crazy mashup with John Guscott’s awesome Blob track vs Justin Timberlake’s Suit & Tie. John Guscott is one of my favorite music producers, his funky groovy sound is amazing.

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Blob it out!

Mashup for my upcoming DeBLOB tribute to John Guscott compilation. This guy needs credits for his awesome work creating the soundtrack for DeBLOB. Here’s a mashup with Beyonce’s WORK IT OUT. All rights to the rightful owners of the used material. This is just for fun so NO commercial use.

Suit & Blob - JT vs John Guscott

Mashed Justin Timberlake’s Suit & Tie with the fantastic ‘game’ track Paradise Island by John Guscott (taken from the game De Blob 2 by THQ)

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